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Climateline - Finished Plasterboard

ClimateLine™ is a pre-finished plasterboard sheet

Build it faster and cleaner with ClimateLine.

ClimateLine® is a pre-coated plasterboard sheet that speeds up the build time by eliminating wet trades associated with the plastering and painting of interior plasterboard linings. It is also a more environmentally sustainable, economic and workable product than other traditional pre-finished sheet linings.

Created by the application of Climate® Decor Shield powder coating that is thermally fused to a plasterboard substrate. The powder coated surface finish is consistent, VOC free and durable. Sheets are installed using colour matched or anodised aluminium jointers/trims.

We are very impressed with the finish, quality and the speed of installation of this product, and know it will add value and save money in many markets, this is the reason we are the Australian Distributors of this unique system.

Climateline delivers real commercial cost savings: Atco case study

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