The unique engineering of the ECO5000 LVL Range is like no other, it is made from enhanced impregnation technology. The layer-by-layer treatment ensures ECO5000 Range to be thoroughly

Newly introduced to the market is  Eco5000 Maxispan   ideal for board walks, pedestrian bridges and many other commercial or domestic applications 3

uniform in structure, with equal density and moisture.  Using this method increases the wood’s density and prevents water absorption, which contributes to the durability and performance of the range. This process allows us to have a commercial structural warranty of 25 years.  The engineering process also supports unheard of dimensional stability, meaning no cupping, or shrinkage and no leeching.

The MAXI-SPAN product has been put through its Australian testing at 500mm centres and as can be seen below, has exceptional performance for load especially for pedestrian bridges and boardwalk.

To achieve pedestrian bridge and boardwalk requirements the ECO5000 MAXI-SPAN has an added unique Australian process of impregnated sand on a polyurethane coating.  The coating is a top and bottom process with the sand on the top face giving it a very durable P5 anti-slip rating.  Once the board has been laid the contractor adds a 2 coat paver paint system from Ultralast called Nu-pave, this has a commercial 5 year Warranty.

Sizes – 3000mmx750mmx45mm, 3000mmx600mmx45mm other sizes available on application. We have produced a number of boards around 120 to 140 x 45 for the sleeper look.

Product is also available as a Clear or Stained product without P5.