External Plywood

EXTERIOR HARDWOOD PLY is a high quality plywood manufactured with one high grade face and a reduced grade of back. The face is usually of high decorative rotary cut veneer but on agreement can be sliced decorative veneer. It is designed, depending on bond, for fully or semi-exposed applications where the application does not require engineered structural performance. Exterior plywood is dimensionally stable, easy to work and is suitable, when manufactured with the type A bond, for applications involving long term exposure to Australia’s harsh environment with no fear of delamination. It should be remembered that preservative treatment will be required if exterior plywood is to be fully exposed to the weather for prolonged periods. Exterior plywood provides an excellent substrate for high quality exterior finishes. Acrylic based paints are recommended.

Preservative treated structural plywood manufactured to AS/NZS 2269.0 with a textured face veneer is finding widespread architectural acceptance as a high quality exterior cladding. The rough textured face is often grooved to give a sawn planked effect. Alternatively an A or B grade faced, preservative treated, A bonded plywood may be used as exterior cladding. To maintain the finish on plywood claddings it is recommended the panels be stained, or finished with 100% acrylic latex paint system or a reliable water repellent. Decorative structural, exterior or interior plywood with A or B grade faces, perhaps with V grooves, are finding increasing use providing a real timber finish as interior wall or ceiling lining.